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An experiment in biological warfare goes horribly wrong and a deadly virus is released, causing a mass pandemic. These three books tell the story of its effects on a pair of 17-year-old twins.

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Leopard's Bane

The Leopard’s Bane series begins in the ancient city of Chamaris and delves into the struggle between two brothers for their father's favour. One seeks to improve the city, the other to exploit it. Central to the story is a rich boy, poor girl romance. With its rich culture, complex characters, and intricate plot, the series is sure to captivate its readers. Follow Peglar's journey and join in the adventure.


It's 1570 and Dr John Dee, known as Queen Elizabeth's Magician, discovers an object with mysterious powers. He uses it to change the course of history; then it goes missing. 450 years later it appears again when a young couple scuba-diving in Cornwall find it on the sea bed.

The question is, have they found the jar? Or has it found them?


5 young people are overjoyed to be invited by a wealthy celeb to his villa on the Tuscan hills. But when they arrive they find that they are the only people there, the villa is remote, and with no transport and no phone signal they are prisoners. Then strange things begin to happen.

What's next will change their lives.

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Beth and Cameron have an astonishing gift: each can see into the mind of the other.
A criminal organisation has access to a DNA databank and uses this to target young people as organ donors for wealthy clients. They seize Cameron.
The question is, can Beth use her power not only to find where Cameron has been taken, but also to free him? And if she can, what price must they both pay?

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