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Phill Featherstone is an English author who has published several novels and a book of short stories.

He read English Literature at Cambridge and later followed this with an MA in Education from Leicester. After working in education, Phill started a publishing company with his wife, Sally. They grew this for ten years before selling it to Bloomsbury Publishing plc. Phill then pursued his ambition to write novels, and his first, #1 in the REBOOT series, was published in 2016.
REBOOT consists of three books - Paradise Girl, After Shocks, and Jericho Rose - which follow the onset and aftermath of a worldwide pandemic.

The God Jar spans16th-century Europe and 20th-century England, and tells the story of a magical object that has supernatural powers.
What Dreams We Had! is a novel about five friends who are offered the opportunity to play at the wedding of a young football star and his celebrity girlfriend at their luxury villa in Tuscany. However, a series of horrific events unfolds, and they are forced to face uncomfortable truths about themselves, their friends, their families, and their futures.
I Know What You're Thinking is a thriller about two teenagers who can see into each other's minds. When one of them disappears, the other has to rely on this gift to find them.
Leopard's Bane is a new series that starts with The Poisoned Garden. It tells the story of two half-brothers who are in competition to inherit their father's wealth and the violent struggle between them. The Rhymer's Daughter, the second book in the series, follows the hero as he tries to clear his name and right the wrongs he has suffered in book 1. A Hanging Moon, brings the story to a climax.

Phill also offers a book of short stories called Undiscovered Countries, which is exclusive to subscribers of his email newsletter. You can sign up on the Contact page.
Several of Phill's books have been finalists in The Wishing Shelf and the Page Turner Book Awards, and some have received Chill Readers' Awards and Indie BRAG Medallions.

Phill Featherstone

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