I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.

I came to writing late, after a career in education and educational publishing. My first novel was Paradise Girl (2017). It’s the first book in the REBOOT trilogy and is the story of a teenage girl, Keryl Shaw, who finds herself alone when a deadly virus wipes out her family and friends. It was followed by Aftershocks (2018), recounting the adventures of Kerryl’s twin brother, Lander, as he journeys to investigate and understand the pandemic. The finale to the series is Jericho Rose (2020). The pandemic is over and it’s time to rebuild, but there are some who see the chaos as an opportunity to pursue their own selfish aims. Lander and his friends must confront them.

My fourth novel, The God Jar (2020), is a time-shift tale of a mysterious object and its strange powers.

Novel five is What Dreams We Had (2021), the story of a group of young people who accept the offer of a free stay at a villa in Tuscany but when there find everything is not as it seems.

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Phill Featherstone